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From President
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Message from President

TeamLease Skills University is focused on evolving strong skills based education programs, which would enable students to pursue higher education through more skills oriented programs. At TeamLease Skills University, they will learn more by practice and doing rather than just theory, together with life skills, enabling them to become useful productive members of organizations as well as society. This will also enable employers to get skilled and knowledgeable individuals, committed to provide their best to their jobs and also to lifelong learning. Our academic staff will not only teach, but also be guide, coach and partners in further learning to the students.

The father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, wrote many decades ago: “…We came to regard spinners and weavers and carpenters and shoemakers as belonging to inferior caste and the proletariat. We have had no Crompton and Hargreaves because of this vicious system of considering the crafts as something divorced form the skilled. If they had been regarded as callings having an independent status of their own equal to the status that learning enjoyed, we would have had great inventors from among our craftsmen.” - (, (CW 66: 137-38)

Whether you are a student, parent, educationist or employer, we would love to hear from you if you have questions or suggestions. Together we can and must work to make this dream come true.

Paresh Vora
TeamLease Skills University