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From Provost
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Message from Provost

We at TeamLease Skills University are trying to bridge the gap between Education, Employability and Employment. Our primary objective is to make people more employable and get them jobs. We have been given the unique opportunity to make a difference to the lives of hundreds of thousands of youth. In India, employability is a bigger problem than employment. The old adage of teaching a man to fish, rather than feeding him one, so that he can fend for himself is what we believe in. At TLSU, Technology will be at the heart of operations and our curriculum design is driven by Employers’ needs.

Students can opt for a job after the two years’ Associate Degree Program and then come back later to complete their degree if need be. Our endeavour is to focus on a combination of soft skills, technical skills and job oriented knowledge so that ultimately the employers find the students job- ready and productive from day one.

Come, join me in making India’s first Vocational Skills University a success.

Vikrant Pande
TeamLease Skills University