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TeamLease University

About TeamLease Skills University

TeamLease Skills University (TLSU) envisions striving towards workforce productivity, socioeconomic development and social harmony through educational, training and research programs. While formulating its operational model, TLSU has contemplated on the socioeconomic context of Gujarat, the exigencies of the globalized competition and suitability of tertiary education varieties. TLSU seeks to address the gaps in Indian higher education system in relation to curricular irrelevance, graduate unemployability, low esteem for skill based programs and apathy to the informal workforce. Respecting the spirit of national documents in the higher education area, TLSU holds its educational purpose of facilitating skill inculcation and community enrichment through traditional and non-traditional programs focusing on basic, vocational, professional, technical and life skill domains. Apart from catering to the educational needs of 18-23 year olds drawn from the academic streams of secondary education system, efforts will be taken for opening higher education/training avenues for the pass-outs/teachers of Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), Vocational Higher Secondary Schools (VHSSs) and Polytechnics that could underpin the respective streams. The formal and informal sectors of the employed category will be provided skill upgrade options through credential based educational programs and non-credit oriented training programs. Non-formal pedagogy will be deployed for community enrichment programs.



Over the last 12 years TeamLease Services has placed 1 person every 5 minutes. The fact that it was able to place only 5 % of candidates who walked into its centres raised serious questions on the ‘Quality of Education’ as well as chances of Employability Skills dearth amongst the youth.

This demanded for innovation at the intersection of 3E’s namely, Employment – Employability – Education. We treat this as highly linked subjects. However, we also see need to excel in each of them individually, in addition to build on synergies, so that the combined impact is much larger.

TeamLease Education Foundation (TLEF), 100% subsidiary of TeamLease Services Pvt. Ltd. was created with an objective to establish TeamLease Skills University (TLSU), India’s First Vocational Private University, in response to national call for large-scale skill inculcation and get incorporated as a Private University under the provisions of the Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2009.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between TeamLease Services Pvt. Ltd. and the Government of Gujarat on January 12, 2011 during the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit, 2011, to set up a Private University for Vocational Education. The Government of Gujarat had issued a Letter of Intent (LoI) to TLEF on February 7, 2012 for establishment of “TeamLease Skills University”.

TeamLease’s long term philosophy and goals are best reflected in our Vision Statement “Putting India to Work”. To sustain the current pace of economic growth, the most important resource that India needs is people, or Human Resource. We have undertaken as a part of our mission; to create employability and a labour-friendly ecosystem in India. TeamLease works closely with several state governments to enhance grass root level employability. We are represented on the Planning Commission and are also a part of the Prime Minister’s National Council on Skill Development.

Right from our inception in 2002, we have been a people’s organization in every possible way. In our journey that began with just 7 employees, we have reached an important milestone today; where we have more than 1200 core employees. Our growth has been as stimulating as our birth and this growth requires that we also meet the aspirations of our Human Capital.

Today, TeamLease has evolved into a powerful brand in the employment industry; one which is offering innovative and integrated HR services to corporate clients as well attempting to reduce India's unemployment and give equal opportunities to all.

At TeamLease we are committed towards nurturing a culture of learning and performance. Our Human Resource policies are aimed at supporting employees through effective training and development, and we do offer competitive salary and comprehensive employee benefits. With a fairly balanced employee gender ratio and employing differently enabled people, Equal Opportunity is one of our important best practices.
To contribute to workforce productivity, socioeconomic development and social harmony through well rounded and industry relevant educational programs with employment at the heart of academic offerings, technology at the heart of operation and academic mobility as the focus deploying inclusive, distributed and low cost delivery methodology.
“To enable all individuals acquire skills and capabilities, prepare them to get appropriate employment and ensure their competitiveness in national and international work environment.”
  • To contribute to workforce productivity, socioeconomic development and social harmony through academic, research, training and extension programs
  • To offer basic, vocational, technical and professional programs with employers at the heart of curricular processes and technology at the heart of operations
  • To incorporate flexible approach and enhanced access through modular curriculum, blended delivery mode, adaptive instructional timing and extended entry level criteria
  • To support job placement and promote career progression
  • To facilitate enhanced wage employment for the informal sector
  • To deliver life skills programs for community enrichment
  • To fortify the educational systems in ITIs, VHSSs and Polytechnics
  • To foster two-way relationship with the employer groups
  • To collaborate with Governments of Gujarat and India, industry, and academic institutions in India and abroad for ensuring relevance and quality in educational and life-enrichment programs
GPU (Amendment) Act 2013
Public Private Partnership with Government of Gujarat.
MoU with CII
TLSU has signed an MoU with CII for assistance in Vocational Education and Training.
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