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B.Sc (Mechatronics)
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B.Sc (Mechatronics)

Mechatronics is the multidisciplinary field of engineering with synergetic combination of Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering and system design engineering. The Modern industries and service sectors require professionals with multi-disciplinary technical expertise as the machines and automation involve all above engineering aspects.

Mechatronics can be defined as “A synergetic integration of mechanics, electronics, control theory and computer science within product design and manufacturing, in order to improve and develop its functionality. The “Mechatronics” word was created by Mr. Tetsuro Mori, who was an engineer of Yaskwa Electrical Corporation, Japan.

Mechatronics takes full advantage of microelectronics and computer science to remove mechanical component while improving its functional performance and accuracy to the peak level. Mechatronics cutting technological boundaries existing in industries currently and strengthening with the new fusion of all technology in the areas of aerospace, food processing, aviation, robotics, communication, transportation, medicine, smart farming, pharmaceutical, medical instrumentation, automation in process plants and discrete manufacturing etc.

Program Overview

The department of Mechatronics at TLSU offers a 2-Year Associate degree and a 3-Year Bachelor degree program in Mechatronics. The course aims to produce students who can design and develop smart machines and use their multidisciplinary skills to meet growing demands of any industry.

Students learn the fundamental principles of mechanical, electrical, software, instrumentation and controls engineering and gain hands-on experience at our specially prepared laboratories and workshops.

Why Choose Mechatronics ?

In this fast growing global world, the products are bee designed with modern mechanical systems which are controlled by software and embedded electronics to create miniatures of the products. Mechatronics discipline provides set of skills which allows graduates to integrate mechanical system, electronics, electrical, computer science and control system to design and develop the future technology and thereby making him multi skilled.

  • The applicants who have passed the higher secondary examination 10th + 2 or its equivalent course (HSC/Pre-University course) are eligible to apply for the Associate Degree and Degree Programs.
  • The applicants who have passed 10th standard + 2 years of ITI course are eligible to apply for the Associate Degree and Degree Programs.
  • The applicants who expecting their final semester/year result of 10 + 2 or its equivalent course (HSC/Pre-University/10+2 yeas of ITI) are also eligible to apply.
TeamLease Skills University (TLSU) offers learner oriented education. The blended learning mode involves combination of face-to-face teaching, web-mediated instruction, and hands on work for practical experience and on job training for exposer to workplace practice. In addition to this Industrial visit, seminar, conference, project work and virtual simulation increase interaction between faculty and students.
The curriculum is designed to get relevant jobs as per industry’s requirement. To explore practical knowledge, the learners are facilitated with On-Job-Training, Industrial visits besides hybrid mode of teaching. Virtual simulation, analysis and model making enable students to think beyond the boundaries and play multidisciplinary role in industries.


To acquire hands on experience, On Job Training (OJT) is introduced in the 4th semester as a part of curriculum. During 4 to 6 months of OJT students get trained by industrial experts on workplace practice, behaviour, technology and systems; to test their theoretical concept to gain job relevant skills and enhanced employability.
Mechatronics graduates will have an added advantage of necessary skills to integrate mechanical, IT, electrical, electronics and control systems and to meet increasing Industrial demand for interdisciplinary graduates. TLSU provides hands on practical experience and skills necessary for a student to excel and stay in this competitive world.

Futuristic technologies like Micro-electro Mechanical system, Nano-technology, Robotics, Machine Vision, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Medical robots & Instrumentation, Bio-mechatronics and Unmanned vehicles are the era of mechatronics and recent trends of research area, also.
  • Mechanical equipment and product manufacturing e.g. automotive, pumps, machine tools, refrigeration and air-conditioning etc.
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Avionics and Aerospace
  • Chemical process industries
  • Pharmaceutical process plant
  • Service industries like auto-repairs, telecom equipment maintenance, electronic and computer equipment maintenance etc.
  • Engineering Project Companies
  • Transportation and Logistic
  • Food processing
  • MEMS, Nano-Technology

Department Mentors

Prashant Parmar

HOD & Assistant Professor, Mechatronics

Mr. Parmar Prashant is Head and Assistant Professor of Mechatronics Department at TeamLease Skills University, Vadodara-Gujarat. He has received his Master degree in Mechatronics from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-AP, Bachelor in Mechatronics from G H. Patel College of Engineering & Technology-Gujarat and Diploma in Mechatronics from B. S. Patel Polytechnic-Gujarat. In his 4 years of teaching experience and has been involved in the areas of Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Programmable Logical Controller, Mechatronics Systems, Robotics, Machine Vision. His other area of interest are Medical Instrumentation, Low Cost Automation, Mechatronics System Design and MEMS.

Udayan Trivedi

Academic Associate, Mechatronics

Mr Udayan J. Trivedi is working with TeamLease Skills University, Vadodara, Gujarat as Academic Associate in Mechatronics Department. He has completed his Bachelor's of Engineering degree in Electronics and Instrumentation From Rajiv Gandhi Proud yogiki Vishwa vidyalaya after completion of his graduation, he has joined Thapar University for Masters of Engineering degree in Electronics Instrumentation and Control. He has experience of working in the state of the art Laboratories like National Physical Laboratory (NPL) New Delhi, DRDE (Defence Research And Development Establishment) Gwalior. He is Having One international paper in IEEE journal and one international conference Paper. His area of interests are Biomedical Instrumentation, Control Systems and Embedded systems, but not limited to these.

Dharmendra Chhaiya

Academic Associate, Mechatronics

Mr. Dharmendra Chhaiya is a Academic Associate in Mechatronics Department at TeamLease Skills University. He has completed Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical domain from G H Patel college of Engineering and Technology, Vallabh Vidyanagar,Gujarat with distinction. He is pioneer in teaching electrical orented subjects, which relate to mechatronics domain.Knowledge is passion for him. Interactive teaching is strength for him. Teach students by giving real life examples, understanding and giving solutions to problems, make teaching interesting by giving practical exposure of each concept are all highlighting points of his teaching methodology. Apart from teaching his also active in social and cultural events. In his words, he define electrical as a engineering, which require high level of imagination at all levels of course.

Divyang Jadeja

Academic Associate, Mechatronics

Mr. Divyang Jadeja is currently working as an Academic Associate Professor in the Department of Mechatronics at TeamLease Skills University, Vadodara. He has completed Bachelor in electrical engineering from G. H. Patel college of Engineering and Technology. V. V. Nagar. His area of interest are Electrical Machines,power system,Switchgear.he is always guided students in their overall development. His strengths are hardworking,quick learner and willingness to learn new technologies. He is a member of society of power engineers.

Dishank Upadhyay

Academic Associate, Mechatronics

Dishank Upadhyay is working with TeamLease Skills University, Vadodara, Gujarat as an Academic Associate in Department of Mechatronics. He has completed his Bachelor in Engineering from G. H. Patel College of Engineering, Vallabh Vidyanagar in 2014, followed by Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering from Ganpat University in 2011 with securing Gold Medal from the University.

Keyur Joshi

Academic Associate, Mechatronics

Mr. Keyur Dineshchandra Joshi is working in Mechatronics department at TeamLease Skills University, Vadodara – Gujarat. He has received his Master Degree in Mechatronics from Gujarat Technological University- Ahmedabad Gujarat. He has industrial experience at Ingersoll Rand, Naroda- Ahmedabad while working after his bachelor degree in Mechatronics from Sardar Patel University- Vallabh Vidyanagar Gujarat. He has published one paper in international Journal and one paper in international conference. He also has industrial Experience of about 10 months at Ingersoll Rand, Naroda, Ahmedabad Gujarat. His Area of interest includes Automation and Robotics, Digital Image Processing, Programmable logic Controllers, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems, and Material Science.

Dinesh Parmar

Lab Assistant, Mechatronics

Rony Joseph

Lab Assistant, Mechatronics