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Enterprise Learning Services
Enterprise Learning Services

TeamLease’s Corporate Training wing named as Enterprise Learning Services (ELS) aims at taking Skill training & development to the corporate arena.

ELS provides Training Solutions on high-end Technologies, Soft-skills, Induction Programs, Certifications, Learning Content and Learning Infrastructure.

Our Corporate Learning Solutions are a suite of best-in-class training processes that enable customers to reduce costs, sharpen their business focus and obtain quantifiable results.Our corporate training solutions are is designed to meet the complex needs of large organizations.

We understand that an effective learning strategy consists of more than training events, such a strategy requires an understanding of an organization's vision, the knowledge of the systems and processes that can make an impact within the organization's culture and the experience to map these factors.

Our ELS team focuses specifically on organizations whose learning needs are complex, distributed and demand a tie-in to business metrics.

We understand the multiple needs of large enterprises and recognize that no two are alike. We can meet the needs from a single source, with the facilities, resources and learning expertise to fully achieve Enterprise’s business goals.

  • Productivity
  • ROI
  • Assessment

Expand performance by increasing productivity and effectiveness of individuals and aligning them with their business objectives.

Provide a measurable return on investment for their training Investments, creating the business justification for training expenditures.

Assess employee competencies against job requirements, identify gaps and create development plans to enable effectiveness and growth.

  • Retaining
  • Performance
  • Support

Efficiently and thoroughly develop and retain employees while minimizing time away from the office for training.

Maximizing organizational performance by implementing and administering a learning solution to help simplify client’s training requirement.

ELS division provides centralized managerial and administrative support services. A team of learning experts will ensure that the training solution is smoothly implemented.


Our Training Capabilities
  • A broad network of on-board facilitators, consultants and partner firms to offer a “best-in-class”, yet affordable suite of training, and organizational development resources.
  • Ability to customize the training, both in content & delivery, depending upon the unique requirements of each client.
  • Virtual, e-learning and blended training solutions along with traditional high quality classroom trainings.
  • National and Global Delivery Resources.